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​We connect the business community with ideas, inspiration and each other, bringing people together to shape the place we love.


1830 – A log cabin was built by the Hudson Bay Company four miles west of Buckley
1874 – Coal was discovered at Wilkeson
1875 – Jerry Stilley, Buckley’s first permanent non-Native American resident, settled west of town
1877 –  A railroad was built to transport coal from Tacoma to Wilkeson
1882 – The site of Buckley was named “Perkins Prairie”
1884 – Northern Pacific built a railroad spur track from Cascade Junction to Buckley
1885 – Buckley’s first store was by  built by “Dad”  Chamberlain
1887 – Buckley’s first school was established
1887 – The town was renamed “Buckley” for J.M. Buckley, the Northern Pacific Railroad district superintendent
1888 – The first post office was establshed
1889 – “The Buckley Banner”, Buckley’s first newspaper was established
1890 – Buckley’s first church, an ME Church, was established
1892 – 12 businesses were destroyed by fire
1900  – At the turn of the century Mt. Rainier was know as Mt. Baldy
1902 – Buckley Library was established
1905 – Buckley’s first high school graduation was held
1905 – The Sweet Shoppe was opened by Mr. & Mrs. Overmeyer and has survived through the years to become the longest running business in Buckley with the same name and location.
1912 – Planked streets were replaced by pavement
1920 – large section of business district leveled by fire
1939 – Rainier State School was officially opened
1942 – Mud Mountain Dam was built
1988 – Buckley Centennial was celebrated
1989 – Filming in Buckley of ” Waiting for the light” was released starring Shirley MacLaine and Terri Garr